It Takes a Lot of Skill to Be this Unskilled

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If you're wondering why it takes a lot of skill to be unskilled, I'll tell you. As you may have heard, the Government released post-Brexit plans. And along with the plans came worries that it could have a negative effect on the hospitality industry, with Nicola Sturgeon calling the system “devastating”.

Skill Division

It causes caution as there is no obvious route for the workers under this new system. With the Government confirming that there’ll be no alternative route for “low-skilled” workers. And it brings up a lot of questions about how the Government views our industry workers.

Skilled chef in a kitchen blurred

The plan in place reveals that around 3.4 million EU citizens are currently living in the UK. Moreover, most of them are deemed unskilled or low-skilled workers.

Most of us already knew that EU workers make up a large section of this sector, so it doesn't come as a surprise. Nevertheless, with the new plan and division between 'skilled' and 'low-skilled', according to UKHospitality, it means that the proposals could lead to business closures.

Skilled "Unskilled" Workers

But when you have to stand on your feet for a 10+ hour bar shift, planning menus and making drinks, changing 50 bed sheets in an hour, cooking for a huge party – it definitely takes skill to be that unskilled. *Rolls eyes*

waitress writing down an order on her notepad

Still sceptical?  Well, go and ask someone of their experience working in hospitality. I'm pretty sure at least one of your friends and family members worked in a hotel, restaurant, pub or Starbucks. They will know first-hand how demanding and exhausting that jobs is. And I'm sure they can tell you how many of their co-workers were from the EU!

So, in a time that puts down the skill and incredible work ethic of those in hospitality, let’s celebrate them instead. Why? Because this is a pretty great place to be, and we won’t go down without making some noise. So don't give up and keep the industry alive by offering your skillset. All skills matter - the 'high' and the 'low'.


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