Our Guide to an Edinburgh Pancake Crawl

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Pancake Day is a wonderful day. So wonderful in fact, that it trended on Twitter a whole week early and scared half the nation. We panicked we had missed the opportunity to have fluffy goodness for every meal of the day completely guilt free.  Luckily, two things happened:

  • We realised it was in fact a week early. And it also trended on a Monday, which would be a bit counterproductive for Shrove Tuesday. However, when you’re as panicked as we were, it’s understandable to not have rational thoughts at that point. 
  • Innocent Drinks let us know that we can have pancakes any day we want. Phew.

Which is why I’m giving you the top places with best pancakes. And remember, you can enjoy them on Pancake Day, or any other day you see fit!


Best Pancake Places in Edinburgh

Two pancakes on a plate

So, let's get started and have a look at the best pancake places in Edinburgh. I'll give you options for every meal of the day, because if you’re going to do Pancake Day, you may as well do it right.

Loudons Café

A writer's fave here, I can’t lie.  Loudons Café is based in Fountainbridge and Waverley and serves a great range of pancakes. From classic American style pancakes to superfood pancakes stuffed with lentils and pumpkin seeds. Or my personal favourite, the Vegan Vanilla Pancakes.

“Homemade non gluten vegan vanilla pancakes topped with sliced banana, apple & blackberry compote, vegan chocolate sauce, crystallised walnuts and icing sugar”

I mean come on, that is a dream come TRUE. Loudons will forever have my pancake loving heart.


The City Café

Right, you’ve had breakfast hour pancakes, so what do you do for lunch?  You go to The City Café and grab yourself some all-day breakfast menu pancakes! Vanilla infused pancakes, Nutella pancakes, 3 stack pancakes.  Not enough? Okay, then try 5 STACK PANCAKES.

They’ve got it all, consider your lunch officially covered and pancake-d out.  You may need a brisk walk afterwards on the Royal Mile to work off some fullness in time for a pancake dinner 🙌

Little boy eating a pancake

Rose Street Café

Another all-day breakfast menu with an option of 3 stacked pancakes with a choice of different toppings. 

Closing at 10pm, you have absolutely no excuse to not go here for the second last stop of your Edinburgh pancake crawl.  Go get ‘em. And don't give up! We've still got one more stop to go.


Coro The Chocolate Café

You can’t forget about pudding.  Even if you’re full.  Dessert is the best thing to happen in life and that’s the last I’ll talk on it.

So where are you going to go, you ask?  Coro.  One of the best pancake places in Edinburgh, hands down. With crepes, waffles and pancakes slathered in chocolate, it really can’t get better than that.  And if, for some reason, you’re not a chocolate lover, you can even create your own dessert to avoid the inevitable sugar rush!

Pancake Day/Pancake Crawl Completed

Pancake Day writing

There you have it. The ultimate pancake crawl guide in Edinburgh. You're welcome! Are you a fan of not only eating all things sweet and heavenly but also baking them? Well, why don't you try out for a pastry chef position? You'll learn all those delicious secrets. And to make things easier, we've got the best chef pastry vacancies waiting for you application!


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