How to Dress for Your Job Interview to Impress

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Dress to impress, especially for your job interview! Why? Because first impressions last. Did you know that 55% of the impact we make is the way we dress, act and walk through the door? And 38% is quality of voice, accent, use of grammar, and overall confidence. What's more, only 7% is from what we actually say... Convinced? Okay, then here's some advice!

Here's How to Dress to Impress

Interviewers tend to make their decisions about a candidate within 10-30 minutes even if the interview takes longer. So, how can you ensure a good impression?

Taking into consideration your body type, taste in fashion and the potential employer’s expectations can be a tricky balancing act. However, when done correctly, can lead to a fantastic first impression! Here are our tips:

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and flattering, it will boost your confidence!
  • Struggling to find a style that suits you? Try on a range of clothes in specialist shops and ask the staff for help. Say what you need it for and get advice from professionals!
  • Consult with your family and friends. They probably have a good idea of what you feel and look best in!
  • Dress the part. Do some research on the company, find out the style and formality of the business. Give your prospective employer the feeling that you look like the type of person that already is employed by their company.

Impress but Don't Overdress

While getting across your unique style can positively convey your personality to an employer, you don’t want your outfit to be distracting! Follow these tips to avoid awkwardness:

  • Avoid flamboyancy or untidiness at all times.
  • Your own taste might not be anywhere near your prospective employer's taste. So try to choose something relatively conservative for an interview.
  • After all, an interviewer wearing something you would consider unappealing might distract you!
  • Yes, a conservative dress might not be everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, it's still a safe bet in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

To summarise, don’t be afraid to play it safe! You would much rather the interviewer focus on you than your outfit!

Woman at an interview with 3 interviewers.

Comfortable and Confident

An easy mistake to avoid is ill-fitting clothes or shoes. Aside from not looking great, these things can distract you from your interview! Here are a few things to consider:

  • Buying a new interview outfit might sound like a great idea but might not be feasible. The important part is that your clothes fit well and give off a professional and comfortable impression.
  • If getting a new suit will make you feel more professional and confident, go ahead and do it!
  • Wearing new shoes or high heels can be really painful. My advice? Look at how much walking your trip will involve. You don't want to sit through your interview thinking about newly formed blisters. So, wear your comfortable shoes for the road and change them into new shiny ones right before your interview.

Less is More

Accessories can make or break your look. There’s no need to overcomplicate things, in most cases less is more. Follow these tips to avoid over complications:

  • Before your interview, check your outfit is coordinated: i.e. shoes, handbag, shirt, tie, etc match.
  • A coordinated look is likely to be more conservative in effect.
  • Avoid heavy aftershave or perfume. This can be very distracting, especially if the interviewer is not keen on the specific fragrance.

 Man and woman shaking hands, greeting each other.

Overall Impression

Remember the first few seconds are vital.

  • Take a good look in the mirror. Is your hairstyle appropriate for both the job and the image you create with your clothes? If not, don't worry about changing it now. You can always give yourself a new look once the job is yours!
  • Most people feel nervous meeting new people so make sure you rehearse initial greetings and get confident about your appearance.
  • Remember no one knows more about yourself than you do. So, go on, give it your best shot and just be yourself.

Now you know how to dress to impress and give off that professional look! Remember, if you feel confident, it's going to show. And don't forget that just looking great won't land you the job. Be sure to show off your professional skills too. You can apply for some of the thousands of jobs on our website so you can get an interview and test out what you've learned. Good luck!


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