Blog - December 2018

  • Can the Food & Beverage Industry Save the World?

    Posted on Friday, December 7, 2018 by XpressjobsNo comments

    In the first half of October 2018, scientists voiced a final call to save the world from irreversible changes, giving us 12 years maximum to help reduce the effects. So the question is, what can we do to help? Can the food & beverage industry contribute? Well, the recent debate has been whether we should decrease our meat consumption or not. Could we all do a little more to save our planet? ...

  • Christmas in Retail – Is the Music Tactical or Tacky?

    Posted on Sunday, December 2, 2018 by XpressjobsNo comments

    Tis the season of Christmas in retail shopping, failed Pinterest DIY attempts and a lot of Michael Bublé. There is no denying that the last couple of months in the year feel colourful, magical, and surreal. But the one thing we are all too familiar with is the Christmas music following shoppers everywhere they go. Being quite a jolly Christmas lover may cause a little too much enthusiasm about ...