5 Restaurant Management Tips to Bring your Skills to the Next Level

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Whether you’re new to restaurant management, or want to switch up your management style, it can be tricky to know where to start.  But that’s why I’m here!  So, grab some snacks, a pen and paper (coming from the blogger that lists things with Trello and writes on Word, I know, I get it, let me live) and let the plethora of tips and tricks commence!


1 – Get Your Marketing Hat On

When you’re managing a restaurant, it’s important to make sure your restaurant is driving new customers through the door.  If it’s a small restaurant, it’s probably down to you to sort out the social media with frequent posts, creating a real presence and interacting with those commenting on your posts – they could be dining with you before you know it!

If you’re in a bigger place that can do with the help, try bringing in a digital marketer to help ease your workload, passing on all of your restaurant knowledge and key selling points down to someone that knows the best way to get the word out!


2 – The Customer Isn’t Always Right, But Your Response Should be

We hear about the customer being right a lot, and to a certain extent, they are…maybe.  After all, they bring life to your business, so it’s important to try your best to ensure their experience is positive.

However, it isn’t guaranteed that the customer will always be super understanding of busy shifts, or the fact that you cannot get the ingredients they demand considering it’s a small Italian restaurant and you straight up don’t serve meat from the newly found species in a rare region far away that needs to be cooked for precisely 12 minutes and 0.3 seconds. 

Regardless of how the attitude they carry, remember that you can’t control what happens, but you can control your response.

Train your employees on how to expect anything and everything, and that your response is key.  Giving them an idea on how to respond to modifications, angry customers or those customers that show up as you’re closing.


3 – Have Fun with Promotions

Keep up with the trends y’all!  Who says trends need to stick online?  If Stranger Things, or The Office, or even – and don’t hurt me for saying this – Love Island, is trending, then take action!  Get some themed drinks on the go, or if you can then host a happy hour!

If there are sporting events, like the six nations, try to do fun menus to match who’s playing etc. 


4 – Communication is Key

Your staff are everything; try and keep them in the loop and let them keep you in the loop too.  Have regular conversations to make sure they’re happy, managing and see if they have any new ideas or plans.  Make sure they know your vision and priorities so that everyone is on the same page.  After all, a ship can’t function without its crew.


5 – Do It Yourself

What better way to understand your staff and how the restaurant flows, than getting experience in the operation yourself!  Get your hands dirty from time to time.  Go into the kitchen when you’ve got a moment free to see how it works back there, offer to help, or ask for a talk through your employees day to day life, see if they need help, a bigger team or any improvements.  Learn the trade so you can be the best manager possible for your team!

Do you have any other tips and tricks?  I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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