5 Interesting Facts About Chefs That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Let’s be real, it’s a bit unfair to not do 20 completely different careers throughout your life, so obviously the only way we can feel a bit better is by living vicariously through others (hello, Instagram) – so that’s exactly what we’re doing today!  So, let’s get into it and see what’s going on in the chef world.

Fine Dining Started in France

Following the French Revolution, the French chefs that were cooking for nobility quickly found themselves out of work, so a lot of them started their own restaurants to cook meals for the public.  This dining style rose in popularity and quickly spread to England and America. 

More Likely to Meet Celebrities

I don’t want to burst your bubble.  I don’t want to burst my own bubble, but chances are, chefs may meet Meryl Streep before I even get the chance to see her doppelganger.

If it’s a recommended establishment, a celebrity could walk through the door any minute, so it’s probably best for them to always be prepared to chat to these non-critic critics and chef it up like Remy.

Chefs Typically Have a Favourite Knife

You can’t judge for this one, I know you have a favourite pen or spot on the couch!

After working in the kitchen almost every day, chefs tend to get used to the weight and precision of each knife they deal with, resulting in a favourite knife to use.  But mitts aff, once they have a favourite it’s no longer for you, get your own favourite knife!

It’s an Art and a Science

Chefs need to have an artistic side so they can present their food in the best way possible so that their meal looks like this:


Instead of this:


After all, the presentation is the first thing us hungry customers judge!  And then it comes to flavour combinations and finding the perfect balance, which, you guessed it, is an absolute SCIENCE.  There’s a reason we eat out, folks.  We don’t have the understanding behind the chemistry of ingredients that makes the difference between a soufflé and a souff-no-way!

They Know a Lot about Different Food Cultures

A lot of chefs attend culinary school or learn through travelling around the globe.  This gives them the chance to taste new foods and flavours and experience different cultures; after all, food is their passion, so they’re going to learn where they can.  Plus, a foodie holiday always sounds like a good idea.

Now go eat out and enjoy the fab dishes you get presented, everything you eat is always made by a passionate chef, and very very rarely made by a French rat named Remy who just wants to share his passion with the world.

Do you have any fun facts about chefs?  Let us know!

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