Edinburgh Hotspots Ideal for Watching the Six Nations Rugby

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This Saturday, Scotland and England are playing in the Six Nations Rugby Championship and if you’re not there in the stands, then you need to find yourself a good pub with good grub, big screen and a great crowd!  

It’s that time of year when the rugby dictates your plan and your mood for over a month, and honestly, we’re here for it. So, if you’re asking yourself ‘Are there any pubs near me where I can watch the Six Nations? – we’ve got the answers! Keep reading to find out the best pubs and bars and trendiest hotspots to watch rugby in Edinburgh!


Here are some of the best Edinburgh pubs and bars to watch the Six Nations Rugby:

 Six Nations Rugby

The Three Sisters

Located in Cowgate lies a mecca for sports fans. The Three Sisters bar has a giant courtyard screen and opens their beer hall to rugby fans just for the occasion! Think: being in the stadium with the sound atmosphere, surrounded by other rugby fanatics, except you’re closer to food, drink and the loo. Pure bliss.


Murrayfield Bar + Kitchen

For years, rugby fans have used this Roseburn Terrace location as a hotspot for the Six Nations. Though the queues may be long, you’ll be hard to beat the buzzin’ atmosphere in this place. You've got a wide drink selection and amazing food apart from the exciting ambience to keep your celebratory spirits high!

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An Irish pub on Morrison Street with space for hundreds of rugby fans and a big 4k ultra-HD screen to show the entire Sic Nations Championship. Plus, they offer a varied menu with all the best foods, beer and even live music! Is there anything else you sports fans could ever need? Malones is definitely one of the best pubs in Edinburgh to be!


Frankenstein/Bier Keller

If you're looking for a killer rugby match night (pun intended), Frankenstein/Bier Keller is your choice! One the best pubs in Edinburgh thanks to the band playing national anthems and bunch of long tables to sit down and enjoy that brew. You can book in to watch games live and then make your way downstairs to join Bier Keller bash. Need I say more?

Edinburgh Hotspots Ideal for Watching rugby

Belushi's Bar

Got a thing for massive HD screens a projector? Belushi's bar offers much more than the cocktails and burger we all know and love. This sports bar located in beautiful Edinburgh shows all Six Nations games and throws parties afterwards to make the experience even more memorable. It's a must hotspot for sports fans. Especially if you're looking to celebrate with like-minded and equally excited rugby lovers.


The Pear Tree

Did you like the sound of The Three Sisters? Well, you're gonna love what the Pear Tree has to offer then. This Edinburgh pub not only has one of the most beautiful beer gardens but also (quite possibly) the biggest outdoor screen. Watching the Six Nations on a screen like that is an experience in itself!

Should it get too chilly outside for you, The Pear Tree also has four big screens inside where you can still enjoy the atmosphere without catching a cold! Sounds good? Make your way to this Nicholson Street hotspot!

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What do you think about our list of Edinburgh's best hotspots to watch Six Nations Rugby Championship? If you love the atmosphere of pubs and bars why not try working in them? You can find best Pubs & Bar vacancies on our website! Go on, you won't find out until you try!

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