Hospitality Trends in 2022 That Will Shape the Industry

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Even though we're already entering the second month of the new year, I want to highlight hospitality trends in 2022. Since the start of the pandemic, we have realised a few things that have shifted the industry's strategy. Let me tell you how.

Automated and Contactless is the New Normal

Okay, to be fair it started before the Covid-19 pandemic spurred the world into lockdown. However, you can't deny that the event has accelerated contactless technology greatly. Going from convenience to necessity made an impact that will stay in hospitality and keep developing for years to come.

Some of the great automation and contactless options include self check-ins, digital payments and digital menus that appear on your device after scanning a QR code. Whether it's hotels, restaurants, bars or cafes, we've all had the chance to use those services. I don't know about you but it made me remember all those futuristic movies with flying cars.

Personalising the Experience

Experience is the keyword here. Make the guest's (hotel) or customer's (bars, restaurants, etc.) experience unforgettable and tailored to them. People want excitement, fun and novelty in their lives once again. We were all stuck at home for what felt like ages and want change. So, revenge travellers are looking for escape in tech-forward hotels or net-zero hotels. Something different where they can create new memories.

As for the food and drinks industry, customers will pay more if it means getting that something extra. Maybe it's Disney-themes drinks or Gotham dining experience from DC's Batman. The idea is playing on more than just taste, smell and sight. Have some fun with the possibilities. Break the rules and take your customers on an adventure. Tell them a story with your drinks and dishes!

Working remotely may not be for everyone and in some professions aren't even possible. However, those who can and want to choose to change their environment from time to time. The blessing of remote working is the flexibility of where you call your office. One of the trends in 2022 will be more people travelling to other cities, countries or even continents and working from there. Amazing opportunity to travel, sightsee in your free time, meet new people WHILE you're making money!

Remote workers are one of trends in 2022

We all know how quickly your 4 walls can get old. So, no wonder remote workers need a change of their scene. Can't blame them for wanting to rent an apartment in Paris and go to the local boulangerie to get croissants for breakfast and get coffee from the cafe around the corner... Or somewhere where THEY want to go...

That concludes the main hospitality trends in 2022 that will certainly shape the industry moving forward. If there's anything we have learned in the past 2 years is how resilient and important the industry is to our social lives. It's demanding but so exciting and fun with many amazing people and great opportunities. If you fancy entering the world of hospitality, look no more. We've got all the jobs you need in one place!

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