Best Pubs and Bars to Watch Six Nations 2022

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Every year, six nations come together for five weeks and deliver excitement to all rugby fans. If you're looking for a nice spot to watch the Six Nations 2022 games, looks no more! Here's a complete list of top pubs and bars in the capital city of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland to go to watch the games with your pals.

Best Pubs and Bars to Watch Six Nations 2022 Games in Edinburgh

Murrayfield Bar + Kitchen

It's a go-to for any true rugby fan. You may need to wait for a wee while to get in but the atmosphere inside is worth it. The amazing selection of drinks will keep your sports high and great food in good spirits.

Belushi's Bar

As screens go, this is one of the best choices. Massive HD screens AND a projector?! Amazing stuff. It shows all Six Nations 2022 games so you won't miss any for the fun. Moreover, you can stay after the games and enjoy the party with other rugby lovers!

The Three Sisters

If you've ever been out on Cowgate you know The Three Sisters. You also probably know that the street is a mecca for sport's fans. The bar opens its beer hall to rugby fans just for this special occasion! The place's got giant courtyard screens, great sound, amazing drinks and a fantastic atmosphere. What else could you ask for?

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Best Pubs and Bars to Watch Six Nations 2022 Games in London

Okay, let me just say that London has so many amazing bars and pubs but it would take me ages composing a list with all of them. So, let me give you a top three

The Cabbage Patch

Famous rugby pub in Twickenham that has a matchless atmosphere during the games. When you enter you'll see plenty of rugby décor and an amazing beer garden. Get ready to sing along with other fans and cheer for your team in this great Lonon spot!

The Elephant Inn 

Next stop, one of the best local pubs in North London. Enjoy the games on six plasma TVs and a giant screen while downing great drinks and great food. The place guarantees a warm welcome to both the locals and new visitors.

The Windmill

Lively pub, friendly staff and delicious drinks. Not sold? Okay, it's located in Central London and known to rugby fans for regular live sports on the pub's TVs. If you're looking for a place to go with your friends, worth checking The Windmill out.

Best Pubs and Bars to Watch The Games in Cardiff

Steam Cardiff

Do you want a giant HD screen and cider as well as beer of its own making? Here's your choice. It's got plenty of seating and the perfect set-up for an unforgettable experience watching your team win while sipping a pint of great beer.

The Old Arcade

You can find it right in the heart of the city and step in for a fantastic game day with your friends. Hands down, one of the best places to watch the championships surrounded by vintage rugby souvenirs. Plus, the giant TV screens help too.

Coyote Ugly Saloon

So this might not be the place for everyone BUT it is a go-to for live sports. Do you want something extra? Well, get ready to enjoy the raucous half-time show on top of watching the game on the big screen. Oh and there's great BBQ and drinks as well. Ready to try it out?

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Best Pubs and Bars to watch the Games in Dublin

The Camden

Place with one of the biggest screens for sports in Dublin. Enjoy Imax? Well, get ready for Camden and the atmosphere that multiple floors with countless TVs make... A true hotbed for sports fans. Go if you can and you won't regret it.


A mecca for rugby-watching and its fans in Dublin. Beautiful place, with delicious cocktails and a chance for anyone to enjoy the day as you wish. Everyone can find something for themselves which makes it the perfect place to watch the championships with your friends.


If you ask me what makes this place worth going to, I'd say it's the roomy heated outdoor space. Plus, it's one of the oldest and most famous pubs in Dublin. As for watching the games, it's got plenty of screens and a great place to settle down for the day.

So, here's the list of best pubs and bars in Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and Dublin to watch the Six Nations 2022 games. It's great fun to watch it with friends and even better fun to share the experience with other rugby lovers. So, which of the places will you go to? You can suggest more in the comments below! And if all this talk of pubs and bars made you want to get a job at one, check out our page and get it today!  

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