Best Games to Play for a Successful Virtual Christmas Party

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With over 60,000 confirmed Omicron cases in the UK, a virtual Christmas party may be a reality for some of us. But hey, we shall not let Covid-19, or any of its variants, take away our spirit! Maybe some of you are deciding to organise friend or work Christmas parties virtually to avoid any risks? In that case, well done to you! Now, it's my turn to be your little helper - here we go!

Play These Games to Have a Great Virtual Christmas Party

Man in a Santa's hat sitting in front of the Screen playing a Virtual Christmas Party game with friends.

  • Holiday Trivia

You can never go wrong with trivia - especially with competitive participants! However, give it a Holiday twist and prepare questions about how these holidays are celebrated around the world, popular Christmas songs, etc. Moreover, this is a great opportunity for you to learn about different cultures, holidays and traditions! You can use the poll feature, raise a hand or simply speak to answer.

  • Merry Pictionary

Yet another classic! But how to do it virtually? Simple! Use the share a screen option and a whiteboard feature to draw. Divide into teams and one person gives Christmas themed prompts. However, you only have 30 seconds to draw the word while other teammates try to guess.

  • Christmas Mad Libs

Probably one of the easiest but funniest games out there is the perfect option for a virtual Christmas party! What you can do is put people into breakout rooms and ask them to complete the word types. Then, bring them to the main room and fill out the blanks with their chosen words. A way to make it Holiday-themed is to use song lyrics, movie scenes, quotes, stories, etc.

  • Christmas Movie Charades

Need I say more? Simple and effective! So, get people into groups and use a Christmas movie generator to pick the titles. The person acting out either the plot or the title of the movie has 2 minutes to let their teammates guess. And don't forget - no talking or making any sounds!

  • Plot or Not? - Christmas Movie Version

As you can guess it's based on the popular game, fact or fiction. In this version, however, the leader reads out a movie plot and the audience must decide if it's real! For example: a toy company CEO falls in love with a young man who has inherited an antique toy train shop that inspired her new toy line. (Not) vs. a holiday bake-off baker switches identities with an identical princess for two days before the contest. (Plot- Princess Switch)

  • The Workshop

Yes, THE workshop, as in Santa's workshop. But what is the game you ask? Well, this is one for all 'Shark Tank' fans. Get yourself a panel of judges: Santa, Mrs Clause, the Head Elf and whoever else you wish. Then, split into groups and let each group of elves come up with the best toy idea in 5 minutes. After the time's passed, one person from each group will have to pitch their team's toy idea to the judges. The workshop judges will decide which toy will become their next favourite!

woman in Santa's hat on virtual Christmas party with family

I hope some of these games inspired you to have a fun and successful virtual Christmas party. Sure, it's hard not being able to meet with your work colleagues, friends and family over the holidays. But thanks to the owners of the 21st century, we can now meet online and have the option to at least see each other virtually. So, get your party hats out, check the wi-fi connection and have the best virtual Christmas party ever! Oh, and don't forget to check out our other blogs too - you don't want to miss out on that great content!

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