Here's How You Can Give Back During Christmas Holidays

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December has finally come, which means cold nights, mulled wine, planning this year’s Christmas holidays, & other holidays you celebrate around this time, as well as shopping for presents. Holidays are an amazing occasion to spend time with your close ones and appreciate all the love and support you’re blessed with. What makes these holidays and December extra special is that they focus on giving, and I don’t just mean presents, but giving back.

It’s lovely that we get to share beautiful memories of our family curled up around a warm fireplace and tell stories, enjoy delicious dinner and laugh at silly puns that at last one family member always comes up with. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all families are fortunate enough to have that experience. Some are lonely, some can’t afford to put gifts under the Christmas tree and some have no home to go to. Take this opportunity to help others and share that love with others in any way you can. Let me tell you how you can give back this holiday.

Ways You Can Give Back During Christmas Holidays

Help others during Christmas Holidays

1. Donate Money

If you are able to, one of the easiest ways to help out is to donate money. Especially if you’re busy and don’t know how best to help, find a charity that truly speaks to you. Maybe it’s a charity that helps to feed the homeless and provide them with warm bed or clothes. Or maybe it’s a charity that works against domestic abuse and supports women and children to feel safe. Whichever charity you choose to donate your money to, and whatever the amount, it can mean the world to someone out there. So, get your piggy bank out if you can and spare some change if you can

2. Donate Food and/or Gifts

Due to Covid, food banks have suffered greatly and no more than ever could use our help. Rising food prices and energy costs, unemployment and other factors have left food banks overwhelmed. You can help change that by finding your local food bank and donating to them. What’s more, many supermarkets have designated places by the exit where you can leave food which is then collected and sent to food banks. So, on your next grocery run, pick up extra items and donate them.

Moreover, if a family can’t afford to get food, Christmas presents are out of the picture. Many children won’t get the joy of unwrapping their gift that was hidden under the Christmas tree. Thankfully, many charities run Christmas gift campaigns where you can buy presents for those who wouldn’t normally get them. Due to Covid, many charities prefer new items as it’s safest for all. However, if you have some books you don’t want to see on your bookshelf anymore, you can donate them to charities which then distribute them to those who’d appreciate them!

Donating food and presents during Christmas Holidays

3. Buy = Support

Yes, you can spend money and help others at the same time! By supporting the right brands and purchasing the right items you will indirectly support charitable causes. There are companies that help fund treatments for children, donate to NHS staff or shelters. So, if you’re buying presents this year, consider buying something that could make more than just the person receiving the gift happier this Christmas holidays.

4. Pay it Forward

You can sometimes find places like Social Bite or VESTA, where you can pay for a meal which then will be given to a person experiencing homelessness. Additionally, by dining in places like these you’re contributing to businesses that create positive change. It’s a domino effect of love, support and kindness. Everything the Christmas season is about. But please, don’t let that stop after December. Spread love and help out whenever you can all year round.

5. Volunteer

If you’re not in a position to help financially or want to get more involved than that, donate your time. Many charities like the Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts are in need of volunteers, especially around Christmas time.  So, find one that you want to help out personally and get involved.  Listen, learn and share your experience with others. There’s nothing else that will make you understand the impact you have on others that witnessing it person.

Volunteering during Christmas Holidays

6. Remember

You’re extremely busy and have to schedule when to call your Mom or Dad because your life is just THAT crazy? Well, try to find time to contact all your loved ones and friends this Christmas holidays. Even if it’s just a postcard or text message, reminding someone you’re thinking of them means the world. There are people who might rely on that one message. Nobody should be or feel lonely, especially around holidays. So please, call them, stop by to visit or even invite them to join you this year. We all deserve to feel loved.


December is a great time to give back in whatever way you can. If volunteering is one of them, you might find some volunteering opportunities here. Christmas holidays should be about appreciating the things we have and sharing with others. So, get your friends, family and co-workers involved this year and give back. ‘Tis the season of giving, so start giving back today!

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