Trends in Hospitality We Expect to See in 2020

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January felt like forever, and we’ve spent it thinking about the trends in hospitality we expect to see this year. And as much as we're ready to get into summer mode and out of storm Ciara, Dennis, Jeff, Louise, Ben and whoever else we have next, we can’t help but think of what the hospitality industry should be getting ready for too.

So, put the beach cocktails on pause. Hold your horses with the kimono orders, and let’s get our predictions right!

After all, we’re already two months in. 😱

Trends In Hospitality - Predictions for 2020

Trends for 2020


People want food and people want it now!  The food delivery revolution has changed hospitality massively. So much so that people are now expecting an Uber Eats experience in store with everything being on-demand. 

There’ll be a rise of pre-order apps and for people ordering via their phone at the table for sure. For example, you can pre-order Starbucks, and Vapiano are innovative with their removal of waiting. They're allowing the customers to order straight from the stationed chefs - convenience at its finest.

Traditional restaurants may need to change their ways a little with the way things are going! Maybe we need to become more patient? Although, when you’re hangry and used to things arriving with a click of a button, I’m not sure how that’ll work!

Artificial Intelligence

We’re no longer living in a world of wonder when it comes to AI, because we really are experiencing it right now! Those chatboxes that mimic human customer service employees? - AI. Room cleaning robot? - AI. Moreover, thanks to tools like Mailchimp, even small businesses can send personalised email marketing campaigns to tailored and targeted audiences.

hospitality predictions 2020 AI

Safe to say, hospitality businesses across the board will be bringing Artificial Intelligence to their customers and guests.  There are even robot restaurants!

So, though we won’t be facing a robotic invasion, we may as well get pally with them. After all, they’re definitely here to stay.  Beep bop.


It's no secret that food plating and dish presentation are crucial for any good chef. It takes artistic touch and creativity to create something that looks so good you don't want to eat it (almost).

instaworthy dishes for 2020

Well, thanks to our handy smartphones with our high resolution cameras we can capture that edible piece of art. And of course, share it with others on Instagram just to let people know what they're missing out on! So, creating 'Instaworthy' dishes, places, décor will become part of 2020 strategy and long after that!


Sustainability has rapidly become consumers top priority when it comes to where to shop, stay and eat. 2020 will definitely have a sustainable trend throughout the start of a more eco-forward decade. 

Restaurants not only implement vegan options and other customers' dietary needs. Now, more places focus on reducing waste or even creating zero-waste menus! Sustainable and environmentally conscious approach is becoming more and more present, and we love it!

sustainable trend for 2020

If you’re familiar with our blogs, you’ll know we're no stranger to sustainability. So, start your reading rabbit hole here and check out our tips for retail, restaurants and hotels!

What do you think about our predictions? Do you have any other trends in hospitality you want to add? Share them with us! And once you're at it, have a wee browse through our hospitality vacancies

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