Why the Rise in Veganism Should Change How You Operate in Your Hotel

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Veganism is becoming more normalised, and brands are finally beginning to get it.

The vegans are rising, we must stop them! I hear you say.  And it’s true, the options for vegan lifestyles are on the rise, but there is still production of meat and dairy, so please don’t worry too much – they’re actually not that scary.

With lifestyle choices, environmental concerns, limiting intolerances, and even the desire to change up our meals, more of us are looking for vegan alternatives and more brands are listening! 

Before the torches are lit, and rants are made about how the vegan steak bakes are barbaric even though you have zero obligation to eat 'em, keep in mind of the many reasons to go vegan, and that the stereotype and stigma are far from reality.  Some of us eat meat but are absolutely buzzing that we can finally have a Costa drink and “cheese” toasty without keeling over from dairy overload – it’s good times, kiddos, we’re really onto something.  Piers Morgan, on the other hand, is not 😉.

“But what does this have to do with hotels?” you may ask, and the answer is simple: hospitality is about catering everyone, and that now involves vegans – stay ahead of the game and start accommodating now, because if Greggs and Wagamama can do it, so can you!

I’m not talking about having one vegan option on your menu and having it be salad.  If we’ve learned anything from the recent years of Veganuary and vegan inspired brands, it’s that it can be one creative way to get some great flavours on a plate!

With brands like Quorn, Follow Your Heart (definitely for vegan scrambled eggs *drool*), Violife and much more in supermarkets across the UK there’s really no stopping what you can do.  You can hold successful Taco Tuesdays and Ice Cream nights if you wanted to!

The possibilities are endless, and if you really hit the nail on the head, you could grow your customer base massively, with vegans and meat-eaters alike.

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