5 Reasons You Should Work in the Hospitality Industry

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It’s midday Boxing Day, the leftovers from Christmas are going into soups and sandwiches and the room is still tense from the competitive and bitter ending of the family Christmas games (seriously, who brought Monopoly?!) and suddenly – the dreaded question surrounding New Year Resolutions. *Intense scream*

To continue setting the scene, you want a new job, but you don’t know what industry you want to be in.  Out of nowhere, you stumble on a blog post, on a really snazzy job site with thousands of vacancies and 5 reasons as to why you should choose the ✨Hospitality Industry ✨ - you’re instantly relieved, and so am I, because someone is finally reading my words (thank you).

So, let’s get to it, here’s a list of why you should get yourself into a career in hospitality!

1 – It’s Social

You get the chance to meet new people and make their day a little better, whether you’re cooking their new fave dish, handing them their key card to a room that they’ll stay in for their fun weekend trip away or greeting them during a shopping spree.  No day is the same and your day is all about making people smile! 

2 – It Offers a World of Possibilities, Literally

Imagine working in an industry that can take you worldwide.  Now stop imagining, because that’s your reality now!  Every town, city and country has a hospitality industry that’s just waiting for you.  The skills are transferable, which means all you need is a passport and a destination in mind!

3 – Begone, Boredom!

You’ll never feel stuck in this industry as there’s so much moving space.  Even if you worked for one employer for years and years, you have the chance at doing reception jobs, managing, concierge, the possibilities are truly endless.  And if you find a role you love?  Chances are there are ways to develop in that one role and progress massively.

4 – Let’s Be Real, We Want Perks

And you got them!  The perks in this industry go past Christmas parties and Easter eggs – there are events, chances to meet new people, courses to improve your skills or learn completely new ones, and even celebrity meets at your hotel or restaurant!

5 – Great Pals

The thing about hospitality, is that the employees are hired because of how they are personality wise – after all, it’s all about being friendly and warm towards the customers, so chances are you won’t bump many heads in this great industry.


Now go on, enjoy your leftovers and give our site a wee nosey when you’re ready to make that move, we can’t wait for you to join this industry!

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