10 Weird Hospitality Jobs You've Probably Never Heard Of

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When you think of hospitality jobs, you're probably imagining general managers, front desk staff, waiters, F&B assistants etc. The list goes on and most of these key roles ensure that hotels run smoothly.

However, there are also those unusual jobs that add to your customer experience and make your stay just 'extra special'. So, without further ado - here they are:

10 Weird and Unusual Hospitality Jobs

  1. Sleep Concierge

Is the best part of your day sleeping? Because mine too. I'm guessing there's a lot of us out there because a Sleep Concierge role exists! This fabulous job includes recommending the perfect pillow, choosing a room aroma, bedtime snacks, bath oils etc. It almost makes me sleepy jus thinking about it...

2. Bed Warmer

Speaking of sleep, while you'd like for your pillow to stay cold a chilly bed sounds horrible. Especially if you're staying in a wet & cold climate. So, the solution is simple! In some of the world's top hotels have their own professional Bed Warmers. Their tasks include creating a warm and cosy ambiance as well as actually lying in bed. And don't worry, they wear special suits and hairnets to keep your bed pristine and clean.

3. Wedding Proposal Concierge

Okay, so it's not THAT weird but it is somewhat unusual. Popping that big question is stressful and keeping track of every detail suddenly becomes too much. Don't worry, because there are places that offer the assistance of a Wedding Proposal Concierge! They are there to make sure that everything goes smoothly and just the way you want it!

4. Fragrance Butler

You just arrived to your hotel room and realise your signature scent is not your bag - and you have that important event tomorrow. What do you do? You ask your hotel to send you a Fragrance Butler with the selection of the finest perfumes on a silver platter! And if you can't decide which one fits best, the Butler is there to advise you.

5. Soap Concierge

Another cosmetics-related position which involves the assistance of a Soap Concierge offering a variety of organic soaps. But wait, there's more. They will also help make handmade cleaning solutions to your liking. An interesting yet strangely important role, especially now when washing our hands never seemed more important before. Sadly...

soap oncierge one of weird hospitality jobs and selection of soaps

6. Pigeon Chaser

Yes, a Pigeon Chaser. These birds, which are often called rats with wings, can cause some damage. Or rather, their facial debris does. Well, if a hotel or mansion wants to stay clean and pristine with no sign of pigeons, they know who to employ.

7. Duckmaster

Next beaked birds, ducks, also have their appointed human 'caretaker'. However, the aim isn't to get rid of the bird but to actually care for them. A Duckmaster is there let them waddle down from the hotel to the fountain and present their duck march. What a quacktastic job!

8. Hotel Beekeeper

We already know how important our little bee friends are. So, luckily some hotels allow for more Beekeeper roles and harvest honey on the rooftops of their hotels! Make your own honey, treat bees with respect and Bee kind!

9. Hotel Flatterers

Has it been a while since you've last been given a compliment? Well, at one point the Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel in Portland understood the importance of flattery. So, they offered the Compliment Package to boost their guests' confidence and make their days brighter! Hard not to support spreading some love and kindness!

10. Dog Surf Instructor

Last but not least, here come the Dog Surf Instructors! Don't want your pup to miss out on the fun? Some hotels go the extra mile for your favourite canine and train them how to ride the waves! Moreover, after catching the waves they will be rewarded with delicious beef tenderloin or salmon.


  • Coconut-Safety Engineer

Nobody wants to get hit on the head by a falling coconut, which is why the Ritz-Carlton in the US employs a Coconut-Safety Engineer. After all, safety comes first!

  • Water Sommelier

Do you know your favourite H20? Well, a Water Sommelier does. And they will help you to find yours too! Mineral water rich in magnesium is great for the heart, muscles and brain. However, water high in bicarbonate does wonders for hangovers and sore throat. Bet you did know that - and that's why Water Sommeliers exist!

Fragrances and a person who advises them to guests in hospitality

Believe it or not but these are just some of the weird and atypical hospitality jobs in the world. Which one was your favourite and which one would you see yourself doing? See, hospitality can be fun and exciting which is why you should consider starting you career in one! We've got thousands of hospitality jobs so you sure will find one that speaks to you. 

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