Whisky Hotel to Open in London This Summer

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

London is about to get its very first whisky hotel later this summer, being opened by the Black Rock bar.

The site is to be over five floors with two bars, a blending room and three overnight rooms – an expansion of the one bar basement site in Hoxton.

Black Rock opened in 2016 by Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenson and stocks over 250 bottles, with the aim to change stereotypes of the whisky world by designing the site with a minimalist décor, paired with hip hop soundtracks in the background.

There will be a blending room for tastings, which will allow guests to create their own single malt, and the hotel will offer two minimalist, luxurious and compact rooms on the second floor (starting at £120 per night) and a larger suite on the third floor, starting from around £160.

They are now taking bookings at Black Rock for September onward.