Veganuary is Looking Pretty Tasty with these Launches – and We Hope these Items are Here to Stay!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2019 really hit hard for vegans, giving more options than ever before – and these food places are here to show that the lifestyle is maintainable, fun and tasty.  Check out some of the mouth-watering launches coming to you this month!


(Image credit: Wagamama)

Pan-Asian high street chain, Wagamama, is no stranger to trying out new flavours, but this one has received a lot of raised eyebrows and curiosity.  Watermelon Tuna. 

The dish is a vegan Suika tuna, which is made from dried and sliced watermelon, with a texture similar to sashimi.  Paired with ingredients such as a miso sesame sauce, pickled radish and tofu guacamole, it’s definitely one to try.


(Image credit: Greggs)

The one we’ve all been waiting for, let’s be real.  Ever since the vegan sausage roll was launched last year, we’ve been hungry for more.  Greggs.  The place that unites meat-eaters, vegans, and those in between – it truly is magical.

Greggs have officially launched their newest vegan product – the vegan steak bake.  With 96 layers of pastry, Quorn, and gravy and onions, this is definitely worth queuing up for! (Literally)


(Image credit: KFC)

The Zero Chicken is taking Veganuary by a storm this year.  This burger is made from Quorn and is coated in the original recipe seasoning, giving it the authentic KFC flavour that everyone can enjoy.


(Image credit: Subway)

This meatless meatball sub sounds dreamy, we can’t lie.  And apparently it tastes it too!  With a plant-based cheese melted in with the meat-free meatballs and sweet marinara sauce, it’s certainly on the list of things to try this Veganuary.