Survey shows nearly half of us fail to spot fancy fish dishes on restaurant menus

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

We eat it cooked or uncooked, wrapped in dough or smothered in tasty sauces.

But if you are among the 87 per cent of Brits who love a fish that I have read about many times now, you could be very surprised to learn that we don't know so much about fish.

Apparently many of us are often confused by the descriptions on restaurant menus, unable to tell our gravity-defying routines about prawns.

A poll suggests that 41 percent of diners were confronted with a level of embarrassment about failing to understand that sashimi is a Japanese dish formed with meat sliced raw

Forty% were not sure that ceviche is a raw dish as it comes with cured fish in lemon or lime juice.

15 percent reported they had to ask the waiter what frito misto, an Italian dish made from deep-fried fish, would be, while 15 percent said moules are clams cooked in salted cream, garlic and parsley.

Gravadlax struck out 45 and Gambas 44.

A surprising 61 per cent even admitted they are not sure what caviar truly is.