New Summer Opening – The Boat Brae

Friday, June 7, 2019

Along the banks of the Tay in Newport, there is a new bar and restaurant in the making.  Boat Brae is a unit made out of seven small Victorian shops, including a fishmongers, boat builder and chemist, leaving space for a beautiful bar and restaurant that is set to open this July. 

With their own slice of private beach and the plans to build a decked area, this is definitely the place to be for summer.  Though the view doesn’t stop at the consumers; with a kitchen overlooking the Tay, the chefs get to experience the beautiful views too!


(the view from the restaurant).

The menu will consist of well thought out and presented, but affordable meals, with locally sourced and fresh produce, complimenting this British kitchen concept with a lovely Scottish twist.  The bar will serve artisanal coffee throughout the day, as well as offering Scottish craft gins and beers during the evening.