L'Enclume tops Harden's Top 100 Best UK Restaurants survey

Monday, December 18, 2023

L'Enclume the 3 Michelin Star rated restaurant in the village of Cartmel in the Lake District run by chef Simon Rogan

Feedback from diners lauded L 'beautifully orchestrated food' on offer to guests in its 17-course tasting menu.

Peter Harden, Co-Founder of Harden 'L'Enclume has always been consistent in its top quality offering and it was wonderful to hear the recent news that Paul Burgalières, who has been a key figure in L'Enclume's evolution over the past six years, has now been appointed Executive Chef.

Reviews and opinions in Harden's guide are based on 30.000 reports from a survey among 2.500 guests.

The Harden's Guide is based on "normal diners rather than a group of professional inspectors" and drawing from 30.000 reports, which resulted from an inquiry of 2.500 diners.

The 33rd edition of Harden's Guide, released this week, hailed new releases such as Kenny Atkinson's Solstice in Newcastle, Adam Handling's Ugly Butterfly in St Ives and Grace & Savour in Hampton, Arden.

"a testament to the amazing year we've had" Simon Rogan

The list of the UK's top 100 restaurants is smaller than at any time this year.

The number of top 100 restaurants established in London has dropped to a historic low.