KFC and Pizza Hut Unite to Create the Pizza of Our Dreams

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

We all know the pain of being indecisive on a Friday night in, not knowing where to order from, until suddenly one of the legends in the room comes out with the idea everyone wanted to hear; “what about both?”

And today, that legend can be found on Pizza Hut’s delivery site, with a combination we didn’t know we wanted and now need.

Popcorn.  Chicken.  Pizza.

This incredible pizza has been created just in time for National Pizza Day on the 9th of February and will only be available between now and February 16th through the delivery option. 

With Pizza Hut’s classic crust base, KFC’s gravy, mozzarella, sweetcorn and the iconic Popcorn Chicken, this pizza is definitely one to try.

Though some people are amazed by the combination, others aren’t as convinced, but we know one thing now, and that is our lunch order for today.