Irn Bru announces two new limited-edition flavours

Friday, March 6, 2020

Irn Bru are set to announce two new summer flavours, and you can have your say in exactly which flavours you’d like to see in stores!

Barrs fans are to choose between Ice Cream, Marshmallow, Candy Floss and Tropical flavours. The two most popular will be available to buy in May.

You can vote for your favourite on their Facebook page here.

The drink giant said: "IRN-BRU is calling on fans to choose the flavour of this summer by voting for new limited-edition flavours for its XTRA range to get taste buds tingling in the sunshine. Facebook followers of the iconic Scottish drink will be urged to get behind their favourite ‘Clan’ and choose between Tropical, Ice Cream, Marshmallow and Candy Floss flavours in the battle of the bottles.

"The flavour feud vote starts on Thursday with the two most popular Clans winning the battle and their flavour going into production. Fans can get behind their favourite Clan on the IRN-BRU Facebook page by using emojis to vote for different flavours before the two new flavours of the summer go into production at AG Barr’s state-of-the-art factory in Cumbernauld. The vote will close at midnight on Friday.

"The brand released a teaser video today featuring the Clan flavours going head-to-head in battle using palm trees and ice cream cones instead of swords and shields, and marshmallows instead of helmets."