Gordon Ramsay to inaugurate the new TV hub in Glasgow city centre

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Washington, January 24 (ANI): British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay 's Studio Ramsay Global (SRG) has opened its third hub in Glasgow, from where it produce a second series of BBC One 's Future Food Stars programme.

The Studio, established by cult chef Gordon Ramsay, is the third of its kind in the world with one of its hubs located in London and another one in Los Angeles.

Future Food Stars is an Apprentice-rated food and beverage format that sees Ramsay travel the country to meet food entrepreneurs.

According to Deadline, the Fox-backed outfit has already named its first investigator to launch in March, and is openly recruiting local production managers, developer and producers to work on Future Food Stars, which was brought back into service prior to airing its first season.

Born in Scotland, Ramsay said moving to Glasgow had been a 'dream come true.'. SRG already has hubs in London and LA, while the move into a space where British broadcasters are expanding signals continued hope for growth.

A selection of BBC shows could relocate to Glasgow in coming years, with the Kelvin Hall facility run by BBC Studioworks due to open this year.