Dublin City to become European Capital of Smart Tourism in 2024

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

On Monday the European Commission announced that the Irish capital has been named as a European Capital of Intelligent Tourism 2024 in Brussels

The judges noted that throughout this past year, the city has been so actively involved in decision making that it has created a destination that is "resonates with its people and embraces innovation at the same time"

We have picked 30 candidates from 17 countries, of which six are shortlisted: Bremerhaven, Cork, Dublin, Genoa, Helsingborg and San Sebastián.

After the outcome of the competition, the jury recognised that Dublin has integrated the best practice of smart tourism throughout Europe by working with other cities and launching its first five-year tourism strategy with a strong focus on


"greener, more accessible, inclusive and innovative Dublin, for both visitors and locals" - Richard Shakespeare

Trials like 14 Henrietta Street, EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum, and digital innovations like the Dublin Discovery Trails App isolated Dublin from the other applicants.

Dublin has also committed itself to sustainability, having become the first city in Ireland to sign the Glasgow Declaration on Sustainable Tourism.

Dublin also impressed the judges with its vision of becoming the world's first autism-free city by 2026.

The tourism strategy of the city of Dublin 2023-2028 is to be presented this Thursday.