Brewdog Alters Wage Structure: New Staff to Receive National Living Wage Instead of Real Living Wage

Friday, January 12, 2024

Amidst financial hardships, Brewdog will employ new workers based on the UK's national living wage instead of real living wage.

Independent calculations determine the real living wage hourly rate, currently at £11.44 outside London and £12.00 in London.

BrewDog management's decision to revoke a long-standing commitment to the real Living Wage proves that there is no principle too dearly held for them to abandon. 

The minimum wage for workers in regions outside London, as set by accredited employers, falls short of the real living wage at £12.00 an hour.

Some staff have raised concerns over the company's commitment to fair wages with the recent change.

"challenge this awful decision and force the senior management of the company to do the right thing by the workers who have made them millions"  Unite Hospitality representative

BrewDog said the decision was necessary to reduce costs and get the business back on track financially.

The company intends to expand by opening 200 new venues in strategic markets within the next six years.