Alchemist, a Restaurant with a 50-course Menu Has Opened in Copenhagen

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A restaurant in Copenhagen has opened with a 50-course tasting menu which allows diners to walk through the large space during their five hour meal and is located in what was once home to the Danish Royal Theatre.

The courses at Alchemist are to be referred to as ‘impressions’ which are all paired with drinks and the meals can take three to five hours, allowing the diners to control the regularity and speed of their dishes and any breaks when desired.  Diners are to come with an open mind to expand their idea of the culinary art, and is filled with experience.

The dishes on the menu are designed to be thought provoking and engaging, which will include “think outside the box” which is lambs brain in cherry sauce and walnut oil, served in a clear box, and “food for thought” which is an ethically produces fois gras from wild geese that come to Spain once per annum and consume acorns and olives before migrating elsewhere and is served in a waxwork head.

The meal costs around £300 and the wine pairing brings it to an additional £600.