A ‘Self-Love’ Restaurant Has Opened so You Can Have the Perfect Company on Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we start to see a lot of variations for those happy being single, like ‘Galentine’s’ day, where you celebrate with your friends.  But what if you’re happy being alone, knowing that you’re magical, amazing, and lucky to have you (it’s true, you look great btw.)

Then look no further!

If you’re a bit spooked by dining alone, Tastecard have launched the perfect solution, finding you the perfect person to eat with… You! No, but really.  This ‘self-love restaurant’ is certainly a first for the UK, giving solo diners the chance to have a romantic meal in front of a mirror.  Which, in all fairness, has the perk of not having to sit for 30 minutes before someone tells you that you’ve had sauce on your face for the past, well, 30 minutes.

This pop-up in London, Two4One, was created after finding that one of three people in the UK (surveyed by Mintel to 2,000 UK consumers) regularly eat each meal alone, and in London this figure almost doubles.

The plan behind this is to promote self-love, and to break the stigma around dining solo.

The night will include mood-boosting playlists, feel-good food and mirrors that flash up motivational votes.


You’re not alone.

You’ll be sat in front of another solo dining checking themselves out while eating this great food on the other side of the glass, and in time for the last course, waiters will remove the mirrors and reveal the opposing diner blind date-style.  You then get the option to split the bill and claim a two for one deal.

You can get tickets to the event here.