Telephone Interview Techniques

Red Corded Telephone on White Suraface

Telephone interviews can seem a little more daunting than the face to face interviews that you may be more familiar with, but if you do it right, your possible future employer will be keen to meet you in person; but how do we get you to that point?  Follow these top tips and see where it takes you; and of course, if you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

  • Similarly to any other interview, we would suggest researching the company, noting down a few questions you’d like to ask them.Show your interest, and have paper and a pen ready to take notes of anything they say. 
  • Have your cv in front of you, along with your strengths, weaknesses and a personal summary so that you are prepared for any questions – but make sure you don’t sound like you are reading, be genuine and just have points to go off from.
  • Location is key.Try to be somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and confident as your surroundings will affect your mood in some shape or form!The more comfortable and at ease you feel, the more relaxed and confident you sound.
  • Like any other interview, practice if you’re nervous – get a friend or family member to help you through questions until you feel confident enough to do the real thing!

Interviews can be a little nerve-wracking, especially if it is a set up that you’re not familiar with, but just remember that they saw your application and interviewed you for a reason – be yourself, be well informed and try your best!