We won’t be Escaping this Trend in 2019 – Escape Rooms Predicted to Rise in Popularity

Thursday, January 17, 2019

It has been said that there may be a rise in popularity in 2019 for the escape rooms.  The immersive events have been growing in popularity especially during 2018, but it is looking like they will be fuelled by the trend of ‘intellectual property-approved’ experiences. 

With the planned launches of Doctor Who and Sherlock escape rooms in early 2019 by Buzzshot, who are confident that the response to these brand-approved experiences will open up the possibilities in the industry for entrepreneurs, and also that this experience will become popular very quickly.

The Sherlock experience is 100 minutes long and will feature original content from the show itself and is anticipated and awaited eagerly by fans, but also is expected to be big in the history of escape rooms.