Travelodge begins summer recruitment drive

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Budget hotel operator Travelodge, which runs 578 hotels across Britain, said it would recruit 680 people a year "in readiness for the summer staycation season".

The company, which maintains three hotels in Sheffield and 578 in the UK, employs 637 people in hotels, among these 45 managers plus staff in cafés, homes and front desk offices.

The positions include 45 executive positions, for hotel managers and assistant directors.

The company also runs a management programme and said it had promoted 1.000 employees, adding that it still has around a 50.000 employees.

Other duties include posts in bars and cafes, janitorial services, and reception.

Craig Bonnar, CEO of Travelodge, said; 'We are gearing up for a busy summer Staycation season this year, and we need to fill 680 permanent positions immediately.