To reduce food wastage, use-by dates for private-label yogurts should be scrapped

Monday, April 25, 2022

The best before date of own-label yoghurts will be abolished by the Cooperative to reduce food waste.

Co-op would remove its use-by date and replace it with one for Guidelines.

Wrap, a sustainable body, estimates that 50% of yoghurts are thrown away in unopened packs, and 70% of the whole yoghurt that is thrown away at home is due to improper use of yoghurt in time, the reason being given as date stamping.

"Applying a" best before "date gives people the confidence to use their judgment to eat beyond the" best before "date, and use more of the yoghurt they buy to protect the planet and their pockets."

Nick Cornwell, food technology chief at Co-op, said: "Yoghurt can be safe to eat if stored unopened in a fridge after the date mark shown, so we have made the move to best before dates to help reduce food waste."