Tesco at Risk of Losing 9000 Jobs across the UK

Monday, February 11, 2019

UK-Leading Supermarket Tesco is simplifying the stores and may result in putting around 9000 jobs on the line.  Questions surrounding this movement are still going around as there isn’t clarity on what the impact will be in Scotland, where Tesco employs thousands of staff at the superstores, Tesco Express and Tesco Metro stores.

Since releasing its turnaround structure in 2015, the company said that it built a stronger business that put more focus towards serving customers.  However, looking at the competitive field of grocery retail and the up and coming cost-cutting stores like Aldi and Lidl, it seems that this store may need to introduce further structural changes in order to stay relevant and maintain its big brand name.

Tesco will be closing the deli, fish and meat counters across 90 stores but will keep the bakeries as of now it seems.  Along with the introduction to self-service kitchens, it seems that staff canteens will no longer be needed and some of the job losses may be the reason for complete canteen closures.

Though around 9000 jobs could be lost, it is said that half of those will be put into alternate roles to stay within the business.

As a constantly changing market and competitors on customers’ doorsteps, they need to determine how to stay competitive and better meet the needs of the customers.  But will they execute this?