Six by Nico inaugurates third Glasgow restaurant in West End

Monday, February 6, 2023

Six by Nico, which opened in Glasgow six years ago, will be expanding its offerings across the city to include a new restaurant - not far from where everything started.

Chef, Nico Simeone, who confirmed that the company will soon be expanding in England and even the United Arab Emirates, was quoted as saying of recent plans: "We are thrilled to bring a third restaurant location to Glasgow.

Expansion in the city where our concept began is a significant step in our plan to grow further this year.

Planning consent is in place and the plans for jobs are now in full swing, with the new eatery due to open Later this month, and will follow in the footsteps of its Six by Nico eateries in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London Canary Wharf and

Dublin with a continuously evolving tasting menu.

The restaurant is just over an hour from Glasgow, and includes some of Scotland's finest oysters

Simone and his group Sixco, are developing to a growing restaurant owner, running 10 Six by Nico restaurants, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Dublin, plus three other restaurants around the same concept.

The 52-seat restaurant will open on February 27th and while plans have not yet been unveiled for the rooftop restaurant and bar, the opening is still planned for December 27.