Scottish pubs and bars face 'tidal wave of economic challenges'

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) has published survey results which show half of the pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels it represents experienced less revenue during the Christmas and New Year season of 2022 than the

previous usual holiday season.

Survey data exclusively obtained by The Herald shows that three out of five outlets have scaled back activities to address the rising costs, including rising energy prices, sharp pay rises and rampant food inflation.

All of this has led the SLTA to request that some urgent state help, with 76% of respondents saying they'd want it to survive if they joined in 2023, though that's slightly down from the 86% in September.

Kris Clark, from the family-managed George Hotel in Inveraray, said the traditional measure of sales was no longer recognised as a good indicator of financial health.

As a result, 60% will close all or before and will not work to their full hours during the first quarter of this year.