Scottish Hospitality experienced its "Worst December In Living Memory"

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The industry body calls on both the Scottish Government at Holyrood and central government at Westminster to work together to ensure that companies get the finance they have been promised, adding that most funds have not yet been pledged.

The figures mean that SHG members lose on average £12.000 in income per week - per premises / space usually keeping shops running until spring.

But SHG contends that much of the money pledged to help companies through the shutdown and says clashes between Holyrood and the Westminster government have left it unclear which companies are entitled.

While the locked doors remain shut, firms continue to spend on average almost £6.000 a week on fixed costs and unemployment allowance contributions.

"Without Christmas, when we earn around 30% of our entire annual income, most hospitality businesses just aren't viable," said SHG spokesman Stephen Montgomery.