Salt Bae's London restaurant on TripAdvisor gets just two stars

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Salt Bae's glitzy £1.450-a-steak joint is today one of the highest rated eateries in London. The sparkly restaurant in London's Knightsbridge, which charges up to £1.450 for a steak, is number 20.491, down from 23,811 in the capital.

The steakhouse landed at 20,491 out of 23,811 diner locations in town, with an average grade of two out of five stars. Salt Baien's famously expensive steak Et-Nusr restaurant has emerged as one of the worst rated on TripAdvisor. London's Nusr Et has been the cause of some uproar with earlier claims that its customer was turned away at the door, despite a pre-booked reservation, while others have been told that they have half an hour to finish their meal at the middle of a meal. Nusr-e-Nayef's price structure has held many headlines since it opened September 2021.

Diners have also likened London's Nusr-Et to its other eateries in LA, Turkey, and Dubai, claiming it falls short of being suitable for its overseas pubs. In addition to £1.450 on its Golden Giant Tomahawk steak, it'll charge £1.350 for the Golden Giant Striploin and £100 for its Golden Burger.