Sainsbury’s to Remove Plastic Bags for Fruit, Vegetable and Bakery Items by September

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

By September, customers will no longer be able to pick up plastic bags to stock up on the supermarkets loose items, and will be offered with paper backs instead; while also being encouraged to bring their own bags or buy reusable bags created from recycled materials.

With this initiative, Sainsbury’s are hoping to reduce their usage of plastic by 489 tonnes, as they also plan on getting rid of plastic trays used for asparagus, tomatoes and other vegetables, along with plastic sleeves from herb pots.

They will also be removing any plastic from its stores that cannot be recycled, including black plastic trays, plastic film on fresh products, plastic cutlery and many other products.

There are big steps for Sainsbury’s as a Greenpeace report showed that of all UK supermarkets in the plastic league table, they came last with an annual plastic footprint of nearly 120,000 tonnes – and we can only hope that this is the beginning of a brighter, plastic free future.