Recruitment and retention 'huge' worries for hospitality

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Nine in ten hospitality executives expect to face a staff shortage this year, new data show.

The figures heighten widespread fears of a recruitment crisis amid the relaxation of trade restrictions.

Nine in 10 employers (88%) feel they will be taking on more manpower this year, half of them (44%) plan to do so more than expected, while only 4% say they are confident that they will not need to hire additional staff.

While nearly two thirds (67%) of executives remain confident about their capabilities of recruiting, keeping, and educating employees, intense competition for workforce availability is likely to intensify over the coming months, bringing more pressure on companies to retain team operators.

Karl Chessell, CGA General Manager Hospitality and Gastronomy, EMEA said: "It's already apparent that recruitment and retention are going to be huge concerns for hospitality over the remainder of 2021.

Ahead of the full inauguration, the Business Confidence survey revealed that 79 per cent of executives are optimistic about the outlook for food and drink - the highest level in more than six years.

Almost half (47%) of respondents say improving labour productivity will be a key priority for their business in 2021, while only 4% do not care.

Corporate leaders are also worried about reduced productivity for employees.