Pubs throw away 87 million pints of beer over Covid lockdowns

Monday, February 8, 2021

The latest figures from the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) show that pub landlords all over the UK will have to dump almost 87 million pints of beer during its Covid 19 closures.

General secretary Emma McClarkin called on the Government to give journalists more help in the budget, including extending the VAT cut for the hospitality industry.

The association points out the "heart-breaking" waste represents a turnover of 331m pounds (£434m), as draught beer not sold by their sell-by date is often returned to brewers and then disposed of.

Pasteurised beers - including most stock - tend to do so around three to four months after their delivery to the pubs.

The current shutdown has led pub owners to dump around 70 million litres of beer, it has emerged.

BBPA found 70 million pints of beer were thrown away during the first curfew given by industry response.

She also asked the government to extend the company holidays expected to end this financial year.

Increasingly aware of the risk of waste, and with restrictions in place across much of the UK, customs officers purchases fewer shares after opening.