Pound boost to put climate change at centre of Dundee museum

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Dundee's Discovery Point, home to one of the world's best known scientific research vessels, the RRS Discovery, has undergone a major renovation, receiving significant funding.

This means that the project, run by the Dundee Heritage Trust, is at the mid-point of having been fully financed, leaving two years to increase its balance.

The project, carried out by Dundee Heritage Trust, will transform one of Dundee's most popular and popular attractions, Discovery Point, from a traditional local museum to a new multi-element visitor attraction with a strong focus on climate change and ecological sustainability.

- a new attraction that underlines the international importance of Discovery and its expeditions and its links to major global problems of climate change and marine society.

The new temporary and temporary gallery will enable Discovery Point to host a broader range of temporary exhibition, either proprietary or traveling, and has the potential to house larger, blockbuster exhibitions.

Climate change "Think Global, Act Local" - a new attraction emphasising the international importance of research and expeditions and their connections to the major global climate change and sea environment problems.

Through a combination of the historical objects from Discovery with the latest research done by scientific partners in Polar and Environmental science, the Gallery will engage the public with the issue of climate change through objects, audio visual, interactive and immersive content.