Out with the Old, in With the New – Kyseri to become Turkish Bakery

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fitzrovia Turkish pasta restaurant, Kyseri, opened by Selin Kiazim and Laura Christie is to close at the end of the year and reopen as a Turkish bakery; an unnamed concept that will allow chef Kiazim to pursue her passion for Turkish baking, paired nicely with Christie’s love for Turkish wines.

The restaurant launched in June last year with a menu that showcased food from the ancient Turkish city Kayseri.  The menu included dishes like beef and sour cherry manti, roasted mushroom and cheese manti and a Cypriot hellim loaf with black sea fondue.

Re-opening on their existing site early 2020, Kiazim and Christie are looking forward to taking the business in a different direction and giving people a new taste of Turkish cuisine, while saying a last happy farewell to Kyseri in the coming months.