No Label is better than the Wrong Label – Pret to Bring out New Allergy Labels

Monday, December 10, 2018

Following the tragic incident of the death of a young girl who suffered an allergic reaction to a baguette from Pret earlier this year; causing the chain to improve their policies and procedures.  This has led to creating new labels for food items, ensuring that anything in the product is noted and correct, but Clive Schlee, the CEO of Pret a Manger, stated that things like this do take time.

The reason for this is that they need to make sure the process is practical, effective and most importantly, safe. Considering that the batches of sandwiches and salads are made around 10-15 items at a time, it would be understandable that the process needs to be seamless to ensure these tragedies will not be repeated.

To make the most of making things better, the CEO is also reaching out to other companies to see about developing a common procedure when approaching allergen warnings and information.  Not only that, but Pret will be following the ruling by the Advertising Standards Agency, removing the word ‘natural’ which is used frequently in the marketing; this means that the claim of having natural products has been removed from their website, is no longer stated online and is in the process of getting new store signage, packaging and should be completed in 2019.