New film and television studio to open in Glasgow's Kelvin Hall

Thursday, August 12, 2021

It generates £1bn from 19 million day visits and before Covid had more than 2.46 million overnight guests.

The £11.9million project is meant to help ease the shortfall in studio space and boost the city's screen sector.

Glasgow Life's 2017 tourism and visitor plan has been started by Glasgow Life in partnership with its partners VisitScotland and Scottish Enterprise.

Glasgow City Council hopes the studio will attract large productions and the planning permission comes just weeks after scenes for two large films including Indiana Jones 5 and The Flash were filmed in the city.

For this reason, the Herald is leading a campaign for a fair deal for Glasgow, calling for adequate funding of places and treasures in the city, as well as for both the Scottish and UK Governments to come forward with a new funding plan for Glasgow's cultural and leisure services.

In January this year councils approved £4million to provide funding for the studio, and staff from the council's planning team have now seen their application approved.

Susan Deighan, director of city marketing and outside relations at Glasgow Life, said the key point was that people need to do something about getting them into the city.

During the 1960s Empire Exhibition was turned into a concert hall, which was home to the city transport museum.