More than a quarter of food firms are suffering from low stock levels

Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said its latest business survey showed 27 per cent of food and accommodation companies reported stockpiles lower than normal-the industry worst hit.

The low inventories were also reported by 23% of manufacturers and 25% of enterprises in the wholesale and retail sector, in the automotive repair and motorcycle business.
The crisis is leaving the supermarket shelves increasingly empty and causing scarcity of raw equipment and higher prices in a host of sectors, from residential construction to the production of automobiles.

Fast food chain McDonald's was forced to take milkshakes and bottled drinks off its menu earlier in the week after struggling with delivery problems amid a shortage of truck drivers.

The latest ONS fortnightly survey found companies across Britain are having trouble accessing materials, goods and services.
More than one in seven (15.4%) construction firms reported not receiving required materials in recent weeks and another 9%(10.2%) of accommodation companies reported this same problem.

Almost one in five manufacturing firms (18.4%) had to switch suppliers or find alternative ways to obtain materials, goods or services, with 16.5% of construction firms and 11.4% of hospitality firms reporting the same.
Slightly more than half of producers (51.4%) said they received the required materials and goods between the 26 July and 8 August.