McDonald's is adding McPlant to its menu with a vegan burger, now available in every restaurant in the UK

Thursday, January 6, 2022

McDonald's has radically changed its menu with a 'McCullcap' burger now becoming available in UK restaurants on a permanent basis.

After proving the herable dishes well in 250 branches since last autumn, the chefs at the popular fastfood chain have decided to make it part of their range of menus.

Food shops at McDonald's have been making burgers for three years.

It is accompanied with a Beyond Meat Patty and vegan cheese served with cucumber, tomatoes, salad, ketchup and vegan burger sauce in a classic sesame seed bun.

The company pledges to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and has recently experimented with a range of vegan options.

But prices varies according to the restaurant.

It is also approved for vegans by the Vegetarian Association, which means there will be no cross contamination (PET) of livestock products in the supply chain or kitchen.

We tried the McDonald's Burger last year and thought it tasted just like a quadrillop of cheese