McDonald’s to Scrap Plastic Lids from Salad and McFlurry Packaging

Friday, June 21, 2019

As of September this year, you will no longer feel the burden of buying a McFlurry and throwing out the lid before getting to enjoy this sweet treat as McDonald’s are removing plastic lids from its menu completely.  Following their removal of plastic straws in 2018, McDonald’s are looking to go further with their plastic reduction.

Salads will no longer be served in plastic bowls, but rather cardboard made from 50% recycled materials and the single use plastic lids on McFlurrys will also be scrapped and replaced with cardboard packaging completely; however will have to continue with the plastic spoons for the time being.  With these changes, there will be a reduction of plastic waste by 485 metric tonnes each year, which is still a huge win for this fast food chain.

McDonald’s has promised that all its packaging worldwide will be sourced from renewable and/or recyclable materials by 2025, and plan on cutting 35% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Within the next 5 years the chain plans on being plastic-free throughout the 1,200 UK stores to tackle the plastic pollution.