Manchester becomes first UK city to introduce a "tourist tax"

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Manchester has become the first UK city to have introduced a tourist 'tax'.

"Introducing a tourism levy is common sense if we want to be able to invest in our offer to international visitors by protecting and enhancing our natural and cultural assets," - Henri Murison

From April 1st, people will pay a £1 per night levy which will be shown on the amount of accommodation used during large events, conferences, festivals, marketing campaigns, and the cleaning of roads - the charge is called the City Visitor Charge.

The City Visitor Charge was launched on Saturday April 1, to assist for the tourist industry by means of major events, conferences, festivals, marketing campaigns and also for clean streets and the city.

"a more sustainable and thriving sector, helping to bring visitors from around the world to experience the best of what Manchester and Salford have to offer" - Annie Brown

Joanne Roney, leader of Manchester City Council, welcomed the move, describing it as an 'innovative initiative' but also pointed out it could raise £3million a year to 'improve the visitor experience'.