Local man uses Eat Out To Help Out programme to feed homeless

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A man who is concerned about the plight of the homeless people in Manchester affected by the coronavirus has had a good idea to take advantage of a new programme called 'Eat Out to Help Out'.

Dominic Dietrich, a freelance sports reporter, used the state program to buy cheap food, which he gave out to local people on the streets.

I still remember sitting down at a three-course meal the first evening and thinking,"I don't need that." It was very heart-breaking to think that people in the street couldn't even afford to buy that and get involved in the process."

Dietrich, 25, said he hopes the viral video encourages others "to do the same."

Dominic admits he's a big fan of a table games - posting messages on Twitter and Instagram to encourage his pals to buy him food and drink. Then moved the reduced-price food to packaged plastic and took it to various people living on Manchester's streets.