Leading Scottish Hotel Crieff Hydro Introduces Brand New Spa Academy

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Spa Hotel and Resort Crieff Hydro has established a Wellness Academy intended to help get more people interested in hospitality

Crieff Hydro has introduced a programme aimed at turning "first-time" beauty students as qualified massage therapists.

Applications for the intensive course and the one year educational program launched this week ahead of the January 2024 launch.

The course is particularly suited for students without previous knowledge in the spa or cosmetics sector.

Laura Wilson, Spa Manager at Crieff Hydro says: "We're all about creating exciting opportunities and nurturing new talent, and that's why I'm absolutely delighted to be launching Crieff Hydro's very own Spa


Those chosen to take part qualify for a series of massages training.

Successful applicants will be trained to take out SCQF level five cosmetic massage diplomas before further pursuing their career with Crieff Hydro in a work-learning split.

Stephen Leckie, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Crieff Hydro Family of Hotel, said: The company continues to lead with industry leading recruitment initiatives and our brand-new Spa Academy is no