KFC is opening pub in London for first time at World Cup

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Chicken and beer fans can combine the two passions after KFC began offering a new pub, but there's one big catch. The Colonel's Arms' is a temporary pop-up, allowing the fans to enjoy fried chicken delivered to their table as they watch matches.

The Colonel's Arms, in Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London, began accepting visitors last Friday 25th November.

According to the Evening Standard, Jimmy Bull, the owner of the pub which is renamed The Colonel's Arms, said:'It's class when the three things I love - football, fried chicken and the pub - come together.'

Those who achieve it on time will get KFC's signature chicken, gravy and a pint.

However according to the outlet accessible reservations may be included after the motto "first comes, first grinds" receive.

A majority of 76 per cent of registered voters said industrial action was their option, according to GMB.

Furthermore, the fast food giant has launched the Colonel's Arms Bar Kit, which includes a limited edition tweeze glassware, two coasters and a bottle opener and bar mat, according to the report.